Flowers, growth and minimalism

I haven’t blogged since I lost my dad in April and discovered a whole different meaning to the word pain. And I thought that was it. That the last post I published about grief was the end of it. That I’ve said it all. Covered all topics relevant to human nature.

And here I am. Writing again.


Today I want to share my latest evolution on the personal level.

I want to talk about minimalism.

Mind you, I will never be a minimalist when it comes to material possessions: I LOVE shopping and I don’t feel bad saying it. I am talking about spiritual slash social minimalism. This is a new level of personal freedom that I’m happy I’ve achieved, and abusing lately.


But let me put things in context first. I have always had a deep infatuation with metaphors. Be it there’s always sunshine after the rain, after darkness comes dawn….etc… But the metaphor that talked to me the most recently is the metaphor of roots. When you plant a flower in a pot, you don’t check every single day whether the roots are growing or not, do you? You just water it with love and wait patiently for the first bud to emerge. If this metaphor resonates particularly in me, it is because I think that I have poked the soil and played around with my roots much more than I should have. I spent a lot of time turning the soil to see if they were growing well. If I was steadily walking on the path to happiness. Because being happy was the most important thing to me. So much that if I wasn’t happy, I’d honestly feel guilty about it.

And that’s how it all started. I wanted to feel good even if I was not happy. So instead of going to see a shrink, I started looking for peace inside the pages of books and between the layers of my soul. And I started writing gratitude lists, meditating in full consciousness on my pain. And yes, I have to say, a lot of these things work. Many of these things soothe, lift us up, help us move forward.

And so this year, I discovered minimalism. Slow living.

And I think I badly needed it. I needed to chill. I needed to breathe. Become Zen. Let’s live slowly. Let’s surround ourselves with things and people that do us good. Less, but better. Let’s focus on quality rather than quantity. The result is that minimalism goes far beyond our home, our collections, and our objects. It’s also about our spirit. Decluttering is not just about getting rid of old objects that no longer serve us. It’s getting rid of old ideas, toxic relationships, old patterns, all those things that do not make us fulfilled.


Personal development has helped me a lot all my life. And it still does today. It is my passion. My endless WIP. Over the past few months it helped me build better, healthier habits. To be nicer to myself, but also nicer and kinder to those around me. Be more patient, more tolerant, wiser. To the extent that I sometimes look at myself like I’d look at a new date and smile saying: “I’m proud of you”.

And now I want to live a life free of judging, free of overthinking, and with little planning. Live without wanting to “succeed” and “do more”. Because after all, what does it mean, to succeed? Who’s the judge of that, if not our own selves?





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