Intelligence is sexy

This year has been the year of sexual revelations.

Heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, hermaphrodites, transsexuals, asexuals, (no offense to anyone) are coming out of the closet and so am I.

For those of you who are still wondering, I’m a sapiosexual.

Why this revelation now, you might ask, since the word has been on our social networks for four or five years now.

Well, simply because I have never said anything about it until now.


A sapiosexual is someone who is attracted to those he considers intelligent.

By extension, we can say that a sapiosexual is smitten by the one who is smarter than him.

Everyone is free though to define what a smart person is. Relativity.

(Or evaluate his own level of intelligence, hehe).

Back to me.

Well yeah as I said, for me, it’s pretty simple. I think that intelligence is sexy.

I like a man who teaches me things I don’t know (regardless of the field of info).

I like a man who’s articulate, eloquent, with a sexy deep voice.

Someone witty, someone who hypnotizes my ears when he opens his mouth to speak.

He’s someone who shares his knowledge without pretention, naturally and selflessly.

And I am not going to complain if on top of that, he is physically attractive. But I still prefer an ugly yet smart man to a handsome stupid.

Intelligence is also (mostly) modesty.

I melt in front of a genuinely modest man.

Nothing sexier to me than a man who truly believes he does not know much when he has a wealth of knowledge.

I am attracted to a man who will explain to me in three simple sentences the most complicated concepts.

An intelligent man is a man who thinks in clear, concise statements.

A man who can summarize without distorting his words or his thoughts.

Muscles are worthless next to a big brain.

This has nothing to do with social or financial power.

How often have you met a very stupid, yet wealthy lawyer?

I am easily attracted by a man of few words who, when he opens his mouth captivates his entourage by the intelligence of his words or his humor.

There is nothing more charismatic than an intelligent man.

I could never be in a relationship with a man I don’t find smart.

I need to admire him, yet what I find admirable is modest intelligence, discreet elegance of words, whether written or verbalized.

A writer (a good writer, not Marc Levy or Paulo Coelho. Apologies, both of you, but your prose is more of a textual diarrhea) is very attractive to me.

Actors have no effect on me.

Musicians have no effect on me.

But writers … They know how to talk to my little heart and ignite sparkles in my soul.

Sometimes I read a book and I fall in love with a set of words that make a sentence, and all I want is to kiss the author to thank him.

And play with his hair.

And tell him I love him.

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