Top Reasons why I Will Not Swipe Right if I See You on Tinder

Top Reasons Why I Will Not Swipe Right if I See You on Tinder


1. You’re naked in the pictures.

2. You have copied your biography from google.

3. The bottle of Jack Daniels and your huge gold necklace.

4. There are three men on every photo. Not sure if you’re the good looking one, the scary looking guy or their father.

5. You have no pictures of you.

6. Your biography is made of 10 words and 8 mistakes.

7. Your wife is with you on all photos.

8. You’re my friend’s boyfriend.

9. You’re my friend’s husband.

10. Your biography says « couple looking for open minded girl ».

11.Your biography says “Looking for a hot blonde who’s not looking for prince charming”.

12. Your profile photo is a bleeding teddy bear holding a torn rose.

13. You’re my ex.

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