Things I’ve learned from blogging

I have been blogging about relationships for a year now…

And with blogging about relationships, I learned how to distance myself from them to be able to analyze the bigger picture, and mostly, analyze myself.

And I met dozens of men and women and showed genuine interest in everything that had to do with matters of the heart.

And here’s what I learned:

1. I could never make a man love me by adjusting. All I can do is be me.

2. No matter how cute I might act, some people will always be completely indifferent to it.

3. It’s not what happens to me that counts, but how I react to it.

4. It is never black and white.

5. I should never ever take things at face – or facebook value.

6. There are always, always two sides to every story.

7. To count to ten before I react.

8. I’m stronger than I thought I could ever be.

9. I have to control my reactions and my attitude, and not the other way around.

10. No matter how charming a person might seem, he might in fact be a total, heartless asshole.

11. Being angry doesn’t give me the right to be mean.

12. It is my problem if a man doesn’t measure up to my expectations. I was the one who set them, not him.

13. Maturity is so delicious it makes me forget how fast years go by.

14. The hardest type of forgiveness is forgiving myself.

15. It is true that my past has shaped me, but it’s me who will shape the future.

16. No matter the consequences or people’s opinion about me, I love myself most when I speak my mind in full honesty.

17. I can’t play games with men.

18. I am not interested in men who play games.

19. I am not interested in men who like women who play games.

20. You might be the classiest, smartest, most generous and sexiest of them all, if a man wants to cheat on you he will.

21. You might be the classiest, smartest, most generous and sexiest of them all, if a man wants to cheat on you he will, and with the cheapest, most vulgar, stupidest woman of them all.

22. Most of the time your ideals twist the reality of things.

23. Sometimes a frog is just a frog. (Save your saliva for girls’ night out/in).

24. Real men have balls and tell a girl it’s over; unfortunately balls are a rare currency these days and most men choose the easy way out: they start to act like total assholes until you get sick of them and show yourself out.

25. Women often have more balls than men.

26. Things started to get better the day I started giving myself the same advice I give others.

27. I need to be more diplomatic. More charming and less harsh, as my mom puts it.(Or else I’ll end up alone).

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