We never meet people by chance

We never meet people by chance.

It’s never random.

I’m sure that all of you have met people or let’s say have had encounters that changed their lives. Beautiful human encounters, be it friendly or romantic, but also ugly ones, that have actually changed us and our perception of relationships and life at large, forever.

Random encounter or twist of fate? This is the question.

I used to believe that it was random. Until, and after long meditations around that topic, I came to believe that we never meet people by chance.

Every single person, good or bad that we meet, is destined to cross our path for a reason.

What could be the reason, right? I mean all of us could have made it through life without the guy or the girl who broke our heart, without that friend who disappointed us, without that colleague who stabbed us in the back… and without that girl or guy who knew that an ex had broken our heart before and promised not to do it again. Until they broke it harder.

Well, the reason is simply that this encounter turns the tables, and can totally change us, our perception, and our future, per se. Sometimes this encounter makes us make choices that we would have never otherwise made. Or take paths we’d never thought we would take.

And just like a PA, life keeps fixing these encounters for you, placing people on your path, again at the next corner, oh look there’s also another one at the intersection, until you learn your lesson.

Had I not met X, Y and Z, I’d still be stuck in my old misconceptions and I would have never had the chance to grow and become the mature person I am today.

Regardless of the causes and consequences, today I am where I want to be. And laying it all on this blog as if it were a psychiatrist couch did miracles to my psyche. Had I not met THAT guy, I would have never started this blog.

The meaning of life- to me at least, is hugely involved with working on oneself as a project. Without some of those people who came into our life to fulfill a bigger purpose, help us discover our inner self, the task would have taken much longer.

We never meet people by chance. So let’s have:
No regrets.
No remorse.
No ‘I wish I have’ or ‘I wish I haven’t’.

Be it friends, colleagues, lovers, or just acquaintances that grow into friends,those who are meant to stay around you will stick around. You know why? because usually feelings of liking and love- not necessarily the romantic type, are usually mutual. With these people, no matter how far the circumstances might take you from them or take them from you, you’ll keep gravitating towards each other and stay close, across all types of distance.
The rest of them, the ones i like to call ghosts, will naturally go away. Join their friends in ghost land.

The encounters that you think you never really needed in your life are also the cement that makes bricks stick together while you build yourself.

They help you know what you want, and most importantly, what you don’t want.

If you don’t believe me, make a checklist now, and you’ll see what i mean!

Have a beautiful Monday!

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